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Poor Health Through Subluxation

Many things can lead to a subluxation within the spine (misaligned vertebra causing nerve irritation). The most common causes are birth trauma, sport and work injuries and long-term postural abnormalities.

But how does a misaligned vertebra cause such devastating effects?

Through his university training, your Bunbury chiropractor knows that the computer system of your body needs to perform six million functions per second to keep you alive, growing and healing. If that computer system has any “viruses” then something starts to go wrong.

chiropractor eaton and bunburyYour computer system is actually your brain and spinal cord and the wiring is your system of nerves. The nerves act as highways of information and carry requests, denials and alarms from cells to your brain along the cord. Your brain gathers that info and immediately puts a series of responsive events into place.

Your brain acts like the coach and recruits players within your body to facilitate the right healthy response but requires accurate massages to do so. If the intel from your body is interfered with, the brain cannot process the vital steps it needs to ensure your health. This is when sickness and disease begin to take hold and many of those six million functions per second begin to spark and fizz.

That interference is caused by subluxation.

Dr Brinsley Lane, your chiropractor in Bunbury servicing surrounding areas including Eaton, Australind and Dardanup has over twenty-three years’ experience finding and fixing subluxations in three different countries around the world and gets results.

Adjusting the spine well takes many years of practise and training. Each person is different and each person has a spine that changes throughout their life. It’s important that your chiropractor notices the subtle changes in your spine and alters his adjusting skill to accommodate those changes.

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