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Many things can lead to a subluxation within the spine (misaligned vertebra causing nerve irritation). The most common causes are birth trauma, sport and work injuries and long-term postural abnormalities.

Chronic pain (long-term pain) ruins lives. Pain that just doesn’t ease up changes the way we look at the world and by default the way the world looks at us.

Chiropractor Dardanup bunburyWe all have the potential to contribute to those around in large and small ways but when we’re in pain it is very difficult to rise to the occasion. It causes an inability to laugh or even smile. It alters our relationships because our behaviour changes so vastly from our natural state. It’s laced with guilt and regret because we say and do things through the pain that we otherwise would not.

It affects our fun time, our sleep, our job prospects. We begin to repel people rather than attract them, our level of creativity is diminished and we find it hard not to become resentful and bitter.

This is the reality of chronic pain but it may not have to be like this.

Chiropractic has been found to substantially help those suffering pain and your chiropractor in Bunbury has spent the last twenty-three years doing just that.

Want your life back and have tried everything and everyone else? See Bunbury chiropractor Dr Brinsley Lane for professional and effective chiropractic care.

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