Your Chiropractor in Bunbury

Chiropractic is the practice of aligning the vertebrae of the spine to restore better movement. The alignments are done by hand and are called adjustments.

An adjustment should be gentle and painless. In fact when administered expertly, it is a pleasant and relieving experience but takes many years to perfect.

Chiropractors study at university for five years to gain their qualifications and are the only health professionals suitably qualified to detect and adjust spinal misalignments (subluxations).

Chiropractors are governed and scrutinised by a national registration body that ensures public safety and ongoing study.

So what can we help with?

Most people come to the chiropractor when they experience pain and want relief from it. But as a healthy default an adjustment also improves brain and nervous system function. So when we begin to correct a person’s spinal problem they start to notice some unexpected improvements in other aspects of their health and lives.

light switch for chiropractor bunburyOur brain and nervous systems control every function inside. When someone’s spine is in trouble there’s always a two-pronged effect. One will be musculoskeletal in nature (pain and stiffness), the other will be deeper in nature (shortness of breath, organ or system malfunction, migraine or worse; sickness in other words).

Considering the inside of the body is a busy place (at least six million functions per second day and night) it requires an elite computer system and network to ensure all that stuff coordinates efficiently and on time. That is vital for your continued health! That computer system is the brain and nerves and your chiropractor is the only one around who knows how to program and maintain it for you. Subluxations interfere with health due to nerve irritation just like a bad switch can make the light flicker.

light bulb for chiropractic bunburyDr Lane has over twenty-three years turning all those switches back on with thousands of people in three different countries and is considered one of the best at finding the sometimes hidden problems and expertly adjusting them back to normal.

Looking for a Chiropractor in Bunbury? You’ll know very quickly that you’re in good hands.

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