Chiropractor Australind Adjustments

Many things can lead to a subluxation within the spine (misaligned vertebra causing nerve irritation). The most common causes are birth trauma, sport and work injuries and long-term postural abnormalities.

chiropractor australindBirthing is not just difficult for mum. A baby turns as it’s born and even natural births can result in damage to the neck and spine. Add to that all kinds of interventions like twisting and tugging, vacuum and forceps and the probability of damage increases many times over. Caesarian births involve enormous amounts of pulling and twisting. Rarely will these traumas will be picked up by hospital staff who lack Chiropractic training.

You’ve all watched a game of football and have seen the many collisions and falls that take place. Our children get thumped around pretty violently at times and no-one checks their spines to make sure they’re OK. You see, most spinal subluxations go undetected because they usually cause no immediate pain. But under the surface nerve irritation leads to poor function of parts of the body inside and sickness is the result. Even then subluxation will rarely be looked at as a cause as there are so few chiropractors, none in hospitals and people still think that the only reason to go to one is if you have back or neck pain!

chiropractor australind adjustmentsSitting in a truck or at a desk though is right up there as a common cause of poor health through spinal misalignment. Our necks are not designed to bend forward all day and our low back are happier walking than sitting. Imagine twenty years of sitting like that. The gradual subluxations that occur are devastating over time.

Your chiropractor in Bunbury servicing areas surrounding including Australind has a large range of techniques to choose from when determining what style of adjustment best suits you or your little ones and gets the quickest results and will discuss the options with you in detail before any adjustments are made.

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