Bunbury (08) 97 215012/ Honiara (677) 764 2039/ lanechiropracticbunbury@gmail.com.com


Bunbury chiropractor Dr Brinsley Lane has been serving people in three countries for over twenty-three years. His Bunbury office in Wittenoom St., Western Australia serves the good people of Bunbury in the South West of Western Australia.

"I consistently work hard at honing my adjusting skills. Nothing fancy, just good adjusting. This is what I'm best known for and I'm proud of that because you can visit a chiropractor for years and still get sick if he "misses" the spot over and over again. I make sure nothing's missed."

Honiara, Solomon Islands chiropractor Dr Brinsley Lane introduced chiropractic to the Solomons in 2011 and together with the help of his staff of seven, continues to serve as the only chiropractic clinic in the Islands. Chiropractor Honiara can be reached by phone or Email. Ph 764 2039.  


Lane Chiropractor clinic in Honiara Solomon Islands


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